nurturenature is a small registered charity (Reg charity 11182363) focused on establishing our 1 acre garden as a therapeutic space that is not only a beautiful place that those of us lucky enough to live here benefit from but is a healing space available to other people in need of the healing power of nature, gardens and/or gardening. This feels particularly important in the context of the Covid and post Covid world as there is increasing awareness of the potential long term impact of Covid on mental and/or physical health. Having been unable to open the garden this year because of Covid we have been working hard to optimise the planting and accessibility as well as establish places to retreat to for those who simply want to sit with nature. Click on the ‘Blog’ button above to read the latest post.

We have also been lucky enough to be selected as a local cause for the Co-op local community fund for the next year and are asking everyone who can to support us with this (https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/54759). It is easy to become a Coop member if you are not one already (become a Co-op member )

The blog is also an opportunity for me to share strategies I use to try and manage living with serious, complex chronic illness, which creates many challenges including being wheelchair dependent, positively, holistically and  with a sense of humour. Importantly this includes how I try to live mindfully, creatively, and with meditation practice as part of my daily routine. In addition recognising the benefit of nature I ensure I spend some time in the garden every day and really try and focus on individual plants, flowers, leaves, bark with a sense of awe even if I have seen them many times before.

image shows rose Ferdinand Pichard, a beautiful “striped” rose flowering in the garden in June 2019.

3 thoughts on “Home

    1. thanks Aiwyne – I feel very passionately about the whole thing and unquestionably the garden is a therapeutic space for me and important to both my physical and mental health. I hope that by developing it as a therapeutic garden these benefits can be shared with others. Hope life is going well for you. Helena xxxx


      1. Lovely seeing you today and enjoyed your beautiful plant etc sale. Looking forward to pick my scarf up, an excuse to have another chat, and update you on the progress of my gardening pursuit. Aiwyne xx
        PS forgot the bergamot- next time…


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