Brief update as we lockdown (again)

It has been a difficult year for most people including us here at nurturenature. However there is some good news to share and I am very optimistic about the garden being able to help many visitors next year including, importantly, individuals who are suffering mental health problems and/or physical consequences of Covid-19. It is being […]

Mindfulness, drawing and writing weekend…….

Next event coming up …… Mindfulness, Drawing and Writing Retreat (non-residential) A weekend retreat on the 3rd and 4th August in the nurturenature healing garden in Wortley exploring the relationship between mindfulness and creativity. This unique 2-day retreat allows you to explore creativity (drawing and writing) in a fresh way, from a mindful perspective. Each […]

A musical thank you….

I spent a lovely evening last night with my Dad, his wife Svava and my friend Doris listening to the local Waldershelf Singers perform their summer concert “Showstoppers”. Wonderful singing and a great collection of ‘showstopping’ songs, even some for us to sing along as the audience. Very generously the proceeds from the concert are […]

Sun is shining

First day of sunshine in a while yesterday and I managed a walk with the dogs – joy! The woods were as ever beautiful, greens everywhere, birds singing and the three dogs running crazily up and down and after sticks. Didn’t go right up to the pond where the dogs swim as there is a […]

Facebook calling…..

I have finally done it this afternoon. Forced to spend more time than usual in bed (even for me) because of fractured pelvis I have spent this afternoon creating a nurturenature facebook page. Lots of people ask me whether we have a FB page and increasingly embarrassed by saying no I thought I’d better say […]

Potting on is fun…..

Am currently having literally a cracking time – broke my ankle a couple of months ago and still in a cast though that may be coming off tomorrow. Then had a fall in the shower 3 weeks ago and have fractured my pelvis is two places – very painful and simply a matter of waiting […]

Events coming up….and pretty pictures of alliums

Just thought I’d remind you about events…… but really wanted to post pretty pictures of alliums which I am not responsible for – well I grew the alliums but didn’t take the photos – aren’t they glorious – and also Heuchera Lime Marmalade in the woodland and it has those vibrant green leaves all year. […]

sun is shining and plants are for sale

It is far too long since I wrote on the blog but a joy to be sitting writing in the sunshine with a view of the garden and surrounded by birdsong. Goldfinch are coming and going at the feeder nearest to me, enjoying nyjer seed their particular favourite and the scent from miniature narcissi in […]

Co-op community local cause

I gather that some people have had difficulty using the link I posted in my recent blog to our co-op community cause so posting it again just to make sure all of those who would like to support nurturenature and are co-op members or willing to become a member are able to do so. We […]

Spring has sprung

Finally the days are a little warmer though there could of course still be more snow or freezing temperatures. However, snowdrops are nodding their beautiful heads so full of promise and hellebores of all colours, both speckled and plain are popping up to add joy to sitting on our decking which they are just below. […]

2021 is here

2020 has been a strange year for all of us whatever our circumstances and for many, a year with tragedy – my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones. 2021 is here and I envision it being the roots that are as Rumi said rioting under the ground….”Don’t think the garden […]

Look closely with awe

The sun is shining today creating one of those beautiful autumn days that make your heart want to sing. The colours of the leaves even on one tree range from red to deep golden yellow through to some resolutely hanging onto green. Even the bark is beautiful. Take time to stop and look closely with […]

Is it summer?

The sun is shining and the Celtic start of summer -the pagan festival of Beltane- was last weekend. It is associated with maypoles, fertility, and nature. Special fires were lit and cattle were driven across the fires on their way to summer pastures. Beltane babies are said to have often appeared 9 months after the […]

Plants for sale – responding to Covid-19

These are very strange times indeed. As someone who is “extremely vulnerable” I am shielding at home with my husband, having everything delivered and then disinfected and allowing no-one else in the house. It feels very surreal. My husband is providing all the care normally provided by carers who cannot come onto the property as […]

too long since last entry

It is much too long since I last wrote. With out writing a veritable essay it would be impossible to catch up on everything that has happened since my last entry.However we have had a very good summer with the garden really coming into its own and starting to to be really quiteImpressive.(At least that’s […]