Fighting off the burden of bed

Over optimistically I had hoped that I might manage a winter without the misfortune of a stay in the Hallamshire Hospital. Unfortunately I have already had a sojourn in that luxury accommodation courtesy of a viral pneumonia. Nearly two weeks in the infectious diseases ward (E2) and now another week in bed at home is […]


I realise it is rather a long time since my last post. I don’t want to end up writing a long rambling post that no-one can be bothered to read so I am going to try and briefly summarise the key messages I want to transmit in this post and then expand on anything I […]

Getting formal….constitution,charity or social enterprise, funding applications & more……

The concept of creating a sustainable therapeutic garden has been a vision of mine for at least two years now; that elephantine gestation period has allowed me and others committed to the project to really mull over what our hopes and aims for the project are and also, critically, to explore whether it is feasible (which we believe it […]

Boom & Bust

Prior to having rheumatological illness myself I read about the nature of tiredness in this context and the fact that it was a particularly  disabling sort of tiredness. However, until you have actually experienced it, it is impossible to understand at any level how paralysing it is. Quite unlike normal tiredness, which even when it feels […]

Steroids, laughter, courage…….

Image is me and my gorgeous friend Annie being very silly and laughing alot at Sands End beach near whitby. PS I’m the one in the wheelchair 😀 More hospital time today but only brief visit for physio. Interesting experience having a car actually actively increase its speed and swerve towards me when I was […]