I realise it is rather a long time since my last post. I don’t want to end up writing a long rambling post that no-one can be bothered to read so I am going to try and briefly summarise the key messages I want to transmit in this post and then expand on anything I want to write more about in future posts.

Technically the cataract op went well and my vision in my left eye is much improved. Phew. Awaiting an optician appointment 6 weeks post-op to get a prescription which means I can read properly.

However, I had to stop Anakinra, a highly specialised and pretty effective drug which acts directly on the inflammation that is at the root of my health problems, because it increases infection risk. Despite having restarted Anakinra the 2 weeks off it has resulted in a pretty bad flare and landed me back in bed for most of the day with fever, increased pain, worse arthritis, fatigue etc etc. Now on much higher doses of steroids to try and help damp down the inflammation I am hoping things will soon improve as I truly hate being so restricted in what I am able to do. Lots of seeds to plant, plants to pot on before overwintering, cuttings to propagate etc etc. And even sorting other people out to do the jobs necessary is much more difficult when I feel like I currently do. Fingers crossed.

On a more positive note the first plant sale went really well and I felt very supported by both local visitors and ex-colleagues and friends. There was a real enthusiasm for what we are trying to establish and a belief that it was achievable. Visitors to the garden were  enthusiastic and positive which was lovely. at a persona level it was very special to see friends from work, some of whom I had not seen for a number of years. Thanks so much to everyone that came. Oh yes, and they all loved the plants! Still lots of lovely plants being nurtured here ready for the spring – and for anyone who wants them now.

Also on a positive note…..Max, our younger son, who is also a huge believer in the therapeutic powers of gardens, plants, trees, woods etc is doing a digital media degree as well as pursuing his passion for all things (downhill) mountain biking….trail riding, woods, videoing and editing, clay spades instagramming and reading all about the philosophy of life. Happily as part of his course he has to design a web site to meet a specific brief. I say happily because he is being allowed to design a website for nurturenature as his project and is already well underway with this. Thanks Max for asking the course leader to be allowed to do this rather than meet one of the briefs supplied by him. Watch this space……..

Max on flight back from Morzine wearing his excess baggage to avoid the fine!!

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