too long since last entry

It is much too long since I last wrote. With out writing a veritable essay it would be impossible to catch up on everything that has happened since my last entry.However we have had a very good summer with the garden really coming into its own and starting to to be really quiteImpressive.(At least that’s […]

Promise to write regularly

I realise I have not posted anything since January. Alot has happened at nurturenature since then but as of June 1st weekend my goal is to post something on the blog every week even if it is very short. As people visit for plant sales, workshops or simply to walk around the garden I am […]

Blog is back…….

It’s absolutely months, in fact over a year since I last made an entry in the nurturenature blog. One of my aspirations for 2019 is to make more regular entries so that anyone interested can follow what’s happening in the garden by reading the blog. (Though hopefully they will come and visit in person as […]

Glorious day planting

Glorious sunshine today so a joy to be spending time in “allotment area” with George planting out first veg of the season. Broad bean, mange tout and early pea plants we have brought on in the polytunnel and little sweet snowball cauliflower. Let’s hope they grow on as healthily as they have so far – […]

Finally back on posting……

Long neglected, finally an entry in the blog reappears. Much has happened in the intervening 18 months, far too much to detail but essentially late 2016 and the first half of 2017 were marked by extreme and scary ill health. However, changes in treatment over the subsequent months and obsessive avoidance of infection have managed […]

I love the smell of tomatoes….

not enough time today spent in the garden…but when do I ever think there is enough time for the garden 😃 up and off to physio – the wonderful Sharon – a physio extraordinaire  and healer who pieces the most painful bits of me together every week and keeps me going. I have no idea what […]