Promise to write regularly

I realise I have not posted anything since January. Alot has happened at nurturenature since then but as of June 1st weekend my goal is to post something on the blog every week even if it is very short. As people visit for plant sales, workshops or simply to walk around the garden I am often asked “Do you have a website”? I feel embarrassed when I say yes but I haven’t posted anything for 6 months on the blog or published when events are etc so now is my opportunity to rectify this. Filling in everything that has happened and is going to happen would take far too long for people to read so I am just going to record a few highlights.


We are now a registered charity (number 1182363). I am very proud of this and it is also important because it opens up funding possibilities as a high proportion of potential grant givers require you to have charitable status to apply. Myself and the wonderful Doris Stubbs, one of our trustees, are currently making a number of application to a range of funders for equipment such as tables, chairs and gazebos for workshops and contributions towards handrails and hard landscaping to improve accessibility.


We will be adding a funding page so that we can publicly acknowledge anyone who does provide funding. We are grateful to the Hardy Plant Society who provided us with £700 towards plant plugs to propagate and use to plant the garden in keeping with a healing garden and sell at plant sales. In addition the Waldershelf Singers, a local choir have chosen us for their nominated charity for their annual summer charity concert which is taking place on Sat July 6th at Hillsborough Church. Come and support us! Much of our funding to date has come from plant sales and we have had 2 very successful plant sales to date and have a further sale planned for Sat June 29th. 

Buying plants

We have a wide range of plants, mainly perennials for sale and these can be bought at the formal plant sales but also ad hoc at any time between sales by contacting Helena. (07831 505624 or Details and address also on contact page.


We are running a number of events in the garden over the summer – if you search ‘events’ you will be taken to information about the events. Coming up are a ‘writing for Healing’ workshop from 10-4.30 on Saturday 15th June run by Lauri Bower, a very experienced and excellent facilitator, which includes a bit of mindfulness as well as writing. Details of this are on the events page. In addition there is a felting workshop on Tuesday 18th June from 10-2pm based around nature and the garden run by Charlotte of “MakingandDoing” . She recently ran a very successful linoprinting workshop for 10 of us which was not only fun but produced great pictures based around foliage and flowers from the garden. You can see the participants in action below. 


Probably enough for now but please do join in the events and come to the garden just to visit or buy plants. Changes in the garden are underway importantly to improve accessibility and further updates on what is happening in the garden will follow……

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