I love the smell of tomatoes….

not enough time today spent in¬†the garden…but when do I ever think there is enough time for the garden ūüėÉ

up and off to physio Рthe wonderful Sharon Рa physio extraordinaire  and healer who pieces the most painful bits of me together every week and keeps me going. I have no idea what I would do without her. she has an amazing capacity to get rid of scar tissue and to pin point the painful bits precisely, manipulate them and somehow make them feel a whole lot better.

physio followed by coffee stop in a cafe in the newly opened Stocksbridge Fox Valley shopping centre Рgood to support local business even though the coffee is nowhere near as good as the coffee we have here at Station House.  Good coffee is essential to my day and I freely admit to being a terrible coffee snob before anyone decides to make that accusation.

managed two hours in polytunnel ‘East’, my new 8 x 15 foot polytunnel, it just manages to accommodate the overflow from polytunnel ‘south’ my 2 year old (and first) polytunnel. This currently has a channel all the way through the middle of it ready for the water and electricity supply for the new polytunnel. Risky for anyone but my extreme difficulty with balance when on my feet even if using a frame and supported means I am having to steer clear of the old polytunnel and orchestrate any necessary work from a distance. Sadly it also means I am having to delegate tomato picking in that¬†polytunnel, one of my greatest summer growing pleasures. I just adore the smell of tomatoes that fills the polytunnel strengthening as you brush against the leaves whilst picking¬†the tomatoes. We re trying a range of growing methods for tomatoes this year; the quadgrow system which waters from a reservoir claiming to keep the tomatoes moist for 2 weeks and increasing harvest x2 (http://www.greenhousesensation.co.uk/quadgrow.html), airpots (http://air-pot.com/garden/) which aim to promote growth by increasing oxygen to the compost promoting growth of healthy bacteria and nutrient release and also encourages the development of the root system , and then of course there’s the good old fashioned plant pot. So far I think the air-pots are winning and they certainly look very cool. Just need to think up some way if automatically watering them. Also trying out a range of tomatoes; black russian , tumbling tom yellow, sungold, greensleeves, tomatello (rather sweet little red heart shaped ones)….they are beginning to crop though sometimes it is difficult not to eat them before they get to the table.

Black Russian toms

Cucumbers also producing  Рthe heritage lemon crystal variety has been the first to crop Рdelicious round yellow balls with a hint of  lemon , others coming along fast include marketmore (2 plants moved outside seem to be surviving and thriving as promised), rocky and piccolino. `So satisfying to eat your own produce and I try hard to grow varieties that I cant get in the supermarket so that it feels even more worth the effort.

lemon crystal cucs

As we were hoping to watch a film which is quite a shout for me as I am often pretty non-functional in the evening I ensured that my daily essential rest was earlier than usual and extended until food was being served (fabulous veg curry courtesy of Alicia) ¬†retiring at 2.30 until 7. 30 However, for the first time in ages I did manage to watch a film, a real classic, one Ian and I have both watched more than once before but wanted to share with Alicia as part of the Ian Nerurkar Station House film studies course. If you haven’t seen it the 1972¬†Cabaret¬† remains an excellent way to spend two hours, great music and a powerful story with a sinister political background. Good stuff. Still loved it. Used to have a vinyl of the soundtrack…..mmmm..wonder what happened to that.

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