Hospital not home…

Sat 5th May

Today was the first of the nurturenature plant sales for 2018. Sadly, I wasn’t able to be there as I have been stuck in hospital for the last week with a pneumonia. It has meant missing a weeks holiday and the plant sales today and tomorrow so the timing is immaculate (ly bad!). By all accounts though all went well today and certainly from the photos Ian took the garden has truly taken off while I have been languishing in the Hallamshire Hospital. I am really grateful to everyone who helped out today and promoted the importance of raising money for the nurturenature project and what we are trying to do with it. I had left leaflets with a summary of the project that people could read and take away if they wished.  I was very sad not to be part of the process today as I feel so passionately about it and had really hoped I had escaped hospital admission for this winter. It just goes to show that you can’t be complacent however well things seem to be going…..but we have decided that we will say I went the winter without hospital admission and that this is a ‘spring anomaly’. Hopefully my recovery will be quicker than usual as I was in better shape when I went into hospital than usual having had a prolonged good period prior to admission.

We have got a date for our first formal event – July 10th for a ‘Mindfulness and Creativity’ day run by two great teachers one of whom (Clare Carlile) is an artist who has been artist in residence at Helmsley Walled garden, a therapeutic garden. while the other (Lauri Bower) is a mindfulness teacher and writer, amongst other things. We have been on a number of excellent days run by Lauri and Clare which combine gentle mindfulness with drawing and writing exercises based in the garden (with a back up if it is raining too much to be outside). Leaflets with details will be circulated locally soon and I will put one on here so that anyone interested can get more information.

Despite really hating being in hospital and away from home, family, garden and dogs the care I have received on E2 at the Hallamshire has as always been exemplary. A big thumbs up to the NHS. People are very quick to criticise when things go wrong or they have to wait longer than they would like but the nurses and doctors work non stop in an understaffed environment and manage to still keep smiling, clinically on the ball and compassionate. Thank you to everyone who has looked after me from the cleaners to the consultants. But let’s hope I am out of here soon and they are sharing their skills with someone else! Trying to catch up with some knitting and reading but seem to spend a lot of time asleep instead. Oh well…part of the recovery process I guess. Anyway this is only a brief post…about time I had some more sleep I suppose. Hopefully the next post will be from somewhere more like home, well in fact hopefully actually from home. Fingers crossed.

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