sun is shining and plants are for sale

It is far too long since I wrote on the blog but a joy to be sitting writing in the sunshine with a view of the garden and surrounded by birdsong. Goldfinch are coming and going at the feeder nearest to me, enjoying nyjer seed their particular favourite and the scent from miniature narcissi in […]

Look closely with awe

The sun is shining today creating one of those beautiful autumn days that make your heart want to sing. The colours of the leaves even on one tree range from red to deep golden yellow through to some resolutely hanging onto green. Even the bark is beautiful. Take time to stop and look closely with […]

Brief update as we lockdown (again)

It has been a difficult year for most people including us here at nurturenature. However there is some good news to share and I am very optimistic about the garden being able to help many visitors next year including, importantly, individuals who are suffering mental health problems and/or physical consequences of Covid-19. It is being […]

Mindfulness, drawing and writing weekend…….

Next event coming up …… Mindfulness, Drawing and Writing Retreat (non-residential) A weekend retreat on the 3rd and 4th August in the nurturenature healing garden in Wortley exploring the relationship between mindfulness and creativity. This unique 2-day retreat allows you to explore creativity (drawing and writing) in a fresh way, from a mindful perspective. Each […]

Blog is back…….

It’s absolutely months, in fact over a year since I last made an entry in the nurturenature blog. One of my aspirations for 2019 is to make more regular entries so that anyone interested can follow what’s happening in the garden by reading the blog. (Though hopefully they will come and visit in person as […]

Hospital not home…

Sat 5th May Today was the first of the nurturenature plant sales for 2018. Sadly, I wasn’t able to be there as I have been stuck in hospital for the last week with a pneumonia. It has meant missing a weeks holiday and the plant sales today and tomorrow so the timing is immaculate (ly […]

Fighting off the burden of bed

Over optimistically I had hoped that I might manage a winter without the misfortune of a stay in the Hallamshire Hospital. Unfortunately I have already had a sojourn in that luxury accommodation courtesy of a viral pneumonia. Nearly two weeks in the infectious diseases ward (E2) and now another week in bed at home is […]

Getting formal….constitution,charity or social enterprise, funding applications & more……

The concept of creating a sustainable therapeutic garden has been a vision of mine for at least two years now; that elephantine gestation period has allowed me and others committed to the project to really mull over what our hopes and aims for the project are and also, critically, to explore whether it is feasible (which we believe it […]

What is normal?

One of the curious things about life is how what is in fact, when compared to the general population, quite an abnormal situation becomes normality. This was highlighted to me today in a curious way-I was talking to someone who was potentially going to come and do some cleaning for me. Living rurally it’s quite difficult […]

Juggling life & health

Thought it was going to be a very quiet week but ended up a bit chaotic and hectic even though did some very enriching things. I suspect that those people lucky enough to live their lives without the added dimension of juggling life and health have little understanding of the time that is consumed with […]