Potting on is fun…..

Am currently having literally a cracking time – broke my ankle a couple of months ago and still in a cast though that may be coming off tomorrow. Then had a fall in the shower 3 weeks ago and have fractured my pelvis is two places – very painful and simply a matter of waiting for it to heal rather than there being anything specific that can be done to promote healing. Essentially a combination of rest and weight bearing to pain tolerance which isn’t much weight bearing at the moment though it is getting slightly better. Psychology has to be attended to as well though so made it downstairs and out on to the back platform and potted on cucumbers and planted next lot of beans in succession plan to ensure a steady supply once they get going. Cucumbers are third attempt this year but look healthy this time unlike previous two goes so fingers crossed they will be productive……usually we have cucumbers coming out our ears so not sure why I have had such difficulty this year. Very strange. One of the polytunnels is already full of tomato plants and the smell of the plants when you go in is gorgeous but nowhere as good as it will be in a few weeks when they start cropping. Our favourite is “Sungold” so there are more of those than anything else. Also planted out today (though not by me) leeks, broccoli and courgettes. I love this time of year when the produce begins to feel like a reality and you can almost taste the freshness just thinking about it. We are already eating broad beans – so much better than bought ones. Only our second year of our asparagus bed so could only taste a few shoots but this time next year we will hopefully have had a taste of plenty more asparagus. The bed seems to be doing well so fingers crossed. It felt like a work of art last year when we established it carefully following the instructions for optimal preparation. A very wet week but sun is promised for the weekend so that should bring flowers into bloom in the garden – the alliums are already gorgeous but others are also poised to bloom such as anthemis and the cosmos chocamocha. Watch this space for photos – and lets hope the pelvis heals quickly.

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