Facebook calling…..

I have finally done it this afternoon. Forced to spend more time than usual in bed (even for me) because of fractured pelvis I have spent this afternoon creating a nurturenature facebook page. Lots of people ask me whether we have a FB page and increasingly embarrassed by saying no I thought I’d better say be able to say yes even if it is currently pretty basic. Of course what has taken me hours would probably have taken a 13 year old about 20 minutes but I’m quite proud that as a facebook phobe I’ve managed it at all. You can find it (should you want to) at https:/www.facebook.com/StationHouseHealingGarden/ I will post events, updates, brief messages there but reserve narrative story telling for here. Had a lovely couple hours in the garden on Friday. With an extra cushion and extra painkillers I was able to actually see the garden from within for the first time in a little while. Lots to see; gorgeous roses, sweet peas, geum flourishing and some even with cosmos chocamocha mingling in with then proving they can survive the winter here. Happily dead headed geum for a while. The first cephalaria gigantea are opening and the adjacent cardoons are looking awesome though it is just the architectural silver foliage that is impressive at the moment. The thistle like flowers come later. Both now well established and impressive in size in their 3rd year were grown from seed. Then more of my addiction..potting on – a range of perennials grown from tiny plugs acquired for postage only in a magazine offer that now look surprisingly healthy and were very ready for potting on with well established root systems.

Geum Mrs Bradshaw with Cosmos Chocamocha

3 thoughts on “Facebook calling…..

  1. Congratulations! Now … If you open an Instagram account and make it a business account you can link IG and FB, then each time you post on IG you can automatically add it to FB and only do one posting! 🙂

    Much love, Lauri x



  2. Hate to say this Helena but I can’t find this on FB. Not even copying and pasting the address you’ve given. And a search doesn’t come up with anything. Might need to check it’s public.

    Much love Lauri x



  3. Hi Helena
    I had to set up on something called Reader, I think when I tried to respond. Will try again later as I am due out in 5 mins. Sorry you are confined to bed more than usual today. You, being you, have used the time productively even if the outcome is not quite what you want/
    Much love to all from me and Toby. Dorisxxxx


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