A musical thank you….

I spent a lovely evening last night with my Dad, his wife Svava and my friend Doris listening to the local Waldershelf Singers perform their summer concert “Showstoppers”. Wonderful singing and a great collection of ‘showstopping’ songs, even some for us to sing along as the audience. Very generously the proceeds from the concert are being donated to nurturenature , the Waldershelf singers nominated charity for this year’s summer concert. As part of the programme I gave a brief presentation on the history of nurturenature, what it does as a healing garden and how it was set up and established as a charity. Many thanks again to the Waldershelf singers. The money raised will go towards the accessibility project that is in progress bringing disabled access and pathways up to a better standard for public use.

Waldershelf singers

The previous weekend we were busy with another plant sale. After a week of torrential rain we were blessed with wall to wall hot sunshine for the sale, lots of visitors and a great day overall. Although most of the visitors were local the Rasiah family made the journey from Worcester and it was an absolute delight to see these two old trainees from Sheffield who I haven’t seen for years, and are now both consultants. They also brought their gorgeous daughter. Thanks as always to everyone who came and supported the sale and/or had a wander round the garden

The garden is blossoming with summer colour emerging and borders filling up. Perennials planted 2or 3 years ago are really starting to come into their own, cephalaria gigantea from a tiny seed to a tall elegant flower multiplying year on year. Roses are in full bloom – the main issue (apart from a bit of black spot) is keeping up with the deadheading. Peonies high up in my favourite flowers are beginning to go over but still look beautiful despite the best attempts of last weeks rain.

Rosa Munstead wood
Cephalaria gigantea
Peony Jan van Leuven

And coming up next in the garden the non residential “mindfulness, drawing and writing” weekend the first weekend in August which should be very therapeutic and relaxing as well as fun and creative. Suitable for everyone, beginners or experienced. Come and join us if you can. Contact me for more details at nurturenature61@gmail.com, helenad1009@me.com or 07831505624. Look forward to hearing from some of you. Be back again here soon….Helena

One thought on “A musical thank you….

  1. A super post H! Lots of good things going on…. Sending lots of love

    S & G xxxx 😘 Sent from my iPhone



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