Mindfulness, drawing and writing weekend…….

Next event coming up ……

Mindfulness, Drawing and Writing Retreat (non-residential) A weekend retreat on the 3rd and 4th August in the nurturenature healing garden in Wortley exploring the relationship between mindfulness and creativity. This unique 2-day retreat allows you to explore creativity (drawing and writing) in a fresh way, from a mindful perspective. Each day includes guided meditations, practical creative exercises and group discussions led by two experienced facilitators in a warm, friendly atmosphere with a maximum of 10 participants. The garden venue also allows you to engage with nature and its benefits as part of exploring your creativity. A more detailed leaflet can be downloaded below and more details can also be obtained by emailing Helena at helenad1009@me.com or nurturenature61@gmail.com or messaging me on 07831 505624.

An event taking place in the garden in May

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