Co-op community local cause

I gather that some people have had difficulty using the link I posted in my recent blog to our co-op community cause so posting it again just to make sure all of those who would like to support nurturenature and are co-op members or willing to become a member are able to do so. We are fortunate enough to have been selected as a co-op community cause and you can help nurturenature raise funds by selecting us as your local cause via this link . There is a link on that page to becoming a member if you are not already one. I am sorry to keep reminding everyone about this but I really want us to make the most of this opportunity so that we can optimise the development of the healing garden and fund events in the garden as well so that the physical and mental health benefits of nature can be experienced by as many individuals from the local community as possible. Thanks to everyone who is supporting nurturenature.

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