sun is shining and plants are for sale

It is far too long since I wrote on the blog but a joy to be sitting writing in the sunshine with a view of the garden and surrounded by birdsong. Goldfinch are coming and going at the feeder nearest to me, enjoying nyjer seed their particular favourite and the scent from miniature narcissi in pots on the table is wafting towards me. Everything is late this year because of the peculiar weather we had in winter and spring but plants are beginning to flourish and even the magnolia which I thought wouldn’t flower at all after the late hard frost has blooms to enjoy on it. We are working hard on planting up the woodland garden to make it a place for people to enjoy all year round with a succession of plants including primula, epimedium, dicentra, heuchera, ferns, brunnera, astrantia, grasses and many more. It has been planned to have some interest throughout the year and should get better and better over the next 2-3 years. We are experimenting with a wildflower bed below the woodland where it catches the sun to make the garden as wildlife friendly as possible – the seeds have germinated well and we are excited to see what is going to appear as they mature into recognisable plants. Feeders throughout the garden mean it is full of birds and the music of their singing – lots of different sorts of tits, goldfinch, occasional greenfinch, nuthatch, wagtails on the water, sparrows, robins, even some visits from a greater spotted woodpecker. As well as all the birds that are here all year the house martins are here after their annual flight of thousands of miles breeding in the same nest site they have used since we moved into the house in 1997. Their ability to fly the same route every year without even the use of Google maps is quite astonishing and one of the many miracles of nature.

Work on optimising access for individuals with disability continues and we are acquiring little sculptures to hide around the garden as surprises to be found amongst the plants. The perennial plants in the nursery have mostly survived the horrible winter and we have plenty of healthy plants for sale and will be adding to the list over the next few weeks. The list of current plants is below. If you’re interested just drop a list of plants you would like to . I will then give you bank details for payment (with all proceeds being reinvested in the charity) and we arrange to ring you to sort out a time for you to collect the plants. System though pretty simple and basic seems to have worked well so far. Nurturenature is a small local charity aimed at providing a healing garden for the benefit of the physical and mental wellbeing of the local community. We grow and sell plants so that we can develop the garden to better fulfil its purpose and provide events such as mindfulness days, craft workshops, writing workshops etc. Like many organisations the events we can provide have been prevented by the covid pandemic and we have not even been able to open the garden. However, we are hoping that we may be able to open later this year for people to gain benefit from the garden especially since mental health problems are likely to be prevalent as a result of Covid so a nature based resource such as a healing garden will be needed more than ever by the community.

Will keep you posted on progress in the garden and update the plant list every week or so.

Fritillaria – snakes head

2 thoughts on “sun is shining and plants are for sale

  1. Lovely, informative post, Helena. you have been working very hard. I’m really looking forward to being able to visit and see it all


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