Brief update as we lockdown (again)

It has been a difficult year for most people including us here at nurturenature. However there is some good news to share and I am very optimistic about the garden being able to help many visitors next year including, importantly, individuals who are suffering mental health problems and/or physical consequences of Covid-19. It is being increasingly recognised that while for many people Covid is a short self-limiting illness, a significant minority are developing what is being called long tail Covid with symptoms that persist for several months and often include fatigue, low mood and anxiety, symptoms for which a healing garden is potentially very beneficial. We are also planning events in the garden for next summer to further support people including mindfulness, poetry, gardening skills and craft workshops as well as simply the opportunity to sit and be peaceful either on your own or establishing connections with other people for anyone feeling isolated.

We managed to sell quite a number of plants we had grown on over the winter in anticipation of plant sales with our click and collect system and the funds raised are being reinvested in making the garden as accessible and beautiful as possible for visitors next year. We continue to be supported by Wortley Rotary club who kindly donated 1000 crocus bulbs which will bring joy to the garden in spring. Quite a planting job for the wonderful guys who work in the garden! This weekend is bulb planting weekend not just for the crocus but for the tulip and daffodils/narcissi. We have also been very happy to welcome some hedgehogs into the garden for the first time in years.

We applied for a Co-op Community Fund Grant and I am thrilled to be able to say that we were successful. It would be fantastic if you can become a member of the Co-op if you aren’t already and select us as your local cause . You can join here The link for nurturenature healing garden is and you can select us by clicking on that link. Please help us raise as much as possible if you can by doing these two things. Every penny helps us make the garden an even more special place to help people regain their physical and/or mental health. Resources like nurturenature are going to be even more important in the Covid and post Covid world. There is an ever increasing body of evidence that exposure to nature even in small “doses” is beneficial to health and we have been working hard during this strange Covid year in the garden to optimise the benefit to users of the nature in the garden. Planting encourages wildlife, includes tactile and evergreen “architectural” planting as well as lots of scented and brightly coloured plants. Even now we have beautiful flowers in bloom and next year will be even better. I have already been busy planting sweet peas as autumn planted sweet peas get a head start and are lovely sturdy plants after overwintering that flower early and often prolifically. I have planted plenty so there will be the usual sweet pea sale next year in late April/early May.

There is much more work to do and more money to raise but for now it’s heads down and winter work time!

Cardoon in full flower (Relative of globe artichoke)
Newly planted heuchera bed – protected from paws until more established and sturdier

Salvia Hot Lips – been flowering for weeks and beautiful scent when you rub leaves

“Hot” bed including Ricinus (Castor oil plant) and Banana plant (Ensete) with red Monarda in the background

co-op-local-community-facebook-banner.jpg (820×312)

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2 thoughts on “Brief update as we lockdown (again)

  1. So nice to read all this. So glad to know you are keeping well. I hope I won’t have long tail Covid but when it is permitted, will visit you and the beautiful garden next year. Just signed up with Coop. Also thinking of growing vegetables next year.
    With love and best wishes,

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  2. Well done, Helena, in getting funding from the Coop to improve safe access to the garden for wheel chars etc. I hope people who are Coop members choose nurturenature as their Charity and those who shop at the Coop who are not Members yet will join and support us. It will mean something good can come out of lockdown!!

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