Look closely with awe

The sun is shining today creating one of those beautiful autumn days that make your heart want to sing. The colours of the leaves even on one tree range from red to deep golden yellow through to some resolutely hanging onto green. Even the bark is beautiful. Take time to stop and look closely with awe at small details. Take time to stop and breathe as you look. Life is very stressful for everyone at the moment as the second lockdown proceeds and a Covid Christmas approaches. But breathing in nature, maybe taking time to draw a leaf, listen to a stream running if you are lucky enough to be near one and can pass it on your daily walk, listen to the birds singing, watch the clouds changing shape and forming patterns. Use nature to soothe your soul. It does really help both your mental and physical health; even as little as 15 minutes outside a day has been shown to be beneficial. It doesn’t need to be a big park or a wood, a tiny garden will have places of awe, even a houseplant or a view from a window can help. Enjoy. In this strange, surreal Covid world we need to nurture ourselves. We are looking forward to supporting you optimise the benefit from nature and gardens in the Spring and specifically supporting recovery from the mental and physical impact Covid has part of that.

Awe inspiring sequoia tree – look at all the colours
But equally the beauty of lichen on bark

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One thought on “Look closely with awe

  1. Lovely poetic post, Helena, and beautiful photographs. I agree bark is beautiful and we need to take’… time to stand and stare.’ It would be marvellous if we could wander around your garden at the moment. Perhaps we need to look carefully at our own surroundings and observe the jewels in this ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.’ Yesterday when it was a frosty morning I noticed the frost shining on a small patch of moss on a wall top. Beauty is all around us.

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