A musical thank you….

I spent a lovely evening last night with my Dad, his wife Svava and my friend Doris listening to the local Waldershelf Singers perform their summer concert “Showstoppers”. Wonderful singing and a great collection of ‘showstopping’ songs, even some for us to sing along as the audience. Very generously the proceeds from the concert are […]

Sun is shining

First day of sunshine in a while yesterday and I managed a walk with the dogs – joy! The woods were as ever beautiful, greens everywhere, birds singing and the three dogs running crazily up and down and after sticks. Didn’t go right up to the pond where the dogs swim as there is a […]

Facebook calling…..

I have finally done it this afternoon. Forced to spend more time than usual in bed (even for me) because of fractured pelvis I have spent this afternoon creating a nurturenature facebook page. Lots of people ask me whether we have a FB page and increasingly embarrassed by saying no I thought I’d better say […]

Potting on is fun…..

Am currently having literally a cracking time – broke my ankle a couple of months ago and still in a cast though that may be coming off tomorrow. Then had a fall in the shower 3 weeks ago and have fractured my pelvis is two places – very painful and simply a matter of waiting […]

Events coming up….and pretty pictures of alliums

Just thought I’d remind you about events…… but really wanted to post pretty pictures of alliums which I am not responsible for – well I grew the alliums but didn’t take the photos – aren’t they glorious – and also Heuchera Lime Marmalade in the woodland and it has those vibrant green leaves all year. […]

Promise to write regularly

I realise I have not posted anything since January. Alot has happened at nurturenature since then but as of June 1st weekend my goal is to post something on the blog every week even if it is very short. As people visit for plant sales, workshops or simply to walk around the garden I am […]

Blog is back…….

It’s absolutely months, in fact over a year since I last made an entry in the nurturenature blog. One of my aspirations for 2019 is to make more regular entries so that anyone interested can follow what’s happening in the garden by reading the blog. (Though hopefully they will come and visit in person as […]

Hospital not home…

Sat 5th May Today was the first of the nurturenature plant sales for 2018. Sadly, I wasn’t able to be there as I have been stuck in hospital for the last week with a pneumonia. It has meant missing a weeks holiday and the plant sales today and tomorrow so the timing is immaculate (ly […]

First bluebells spotted

A glorious spring/summer day. Sun shining with real warmth. Very exciting – first flowering bluebells spotted in the wood today. Lovely walk with dogs. Bertie, our miniature chocolate labradoodle (sort of cocker spaniel size) swam in the pond having manfully carried what amounted to a tree trunk in his mouth all the way there. Never […]

Glorious day planting

Glorious sunshine today so a joy to be spending time in “allotment area” with George planting out first veg of the season. Broad bean, mange tout and early pea plants we have brought on in the polytunnel and little sweet snowball cauliflower. Let’s hope they grow on as healthily as they have so far – […]